Nudge nudge, wink wink: what does behavioural science mean for B2B marketers?

Sales & Marketing Forum | Thursday 1 November, 5:30pm | Charlotte Street Hotel, London


Behavioural science has transformed our understanding of how people make decisions. It has already had a profound impact on consumer marketing. But its impact on B2B decision-making remains relatively unexplored… until now.


At our largest S&M Forum yet we will be joined by Richard Shotton, author of the critically acclaimed The Choice Factory, for a fascinating insight into how cognitive biases affect B2B decision-making.


Together with Richard we will reveal the significant implications behavioural psychology has for the way we design and run our marketing, from targeting to creative, and from positioning to media placement and pricing.


Join us for an evening of drinks, canapés, networking and practical insights on behavioural science in B2B.



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