O2 ABM: 2017’s Most Commercially Successful Campaign

O2 is famous for mobile. Yet it has far broader capabilities.
We helped transform the perception (and pipeline) of O2's Enterprise division. How? Account Based Marketing that challenged prospects’ thinking.

Changing the conversation

How does a brand best known for mobile and data start having more strategic engagements with business leaders? For O2, it was by demonstrating real insight into their customers’ worlds and showing how they could solve very specific challenges. And crucially, by calculating precise financial savings to benefit their customers’ bottom line.

Research. Collaborate. Target.

Successful ABM must be targeted and relevant. This means doing thorough research into each account. We helped O2 sift through public information on their targets’ current initiatives. We ran workshops with marketing and sales to unearth insight from previous engagements, and map the right propositions to each customer. We also completed bespoke data builds, so sales could pick the most appropriate C-level stakeholders to target.

A calculated approach

Tying all of this together was an idea that challenged prospects’ thinking. We put a big bold savings figure on the front of a bespoke report, which was sent to each of the selected contacts. This was followed up with phone calls and emails requesting a face-to-face meeting.

“We work closely with sales from initial workshop to deployment: it’s become something they want to do, rather than have to.”

Stephanie Deane, Head of Account Based Marketing & Customer Advocacy


SQLs from 27 accounts


new C-level engagements

Start strategic. Scale by sector

The campaign had two streams. We began with ‘ABM Strategic’, which targeted individual accounts using specific insights. We scaled this up with ‘ABM 100’, which used broader sector-level research to address multiple nominated accounts.

Momentum and support

It all began with a pilot. The scale was small. But the results were huge – £12.3m of new business, in fact. As the campaign grew to seven accounts, the pipeline grew to £21m. The O2 marketing team was delighted. As was the sales team. And word quickly spread to the wider O2 management. This support was key to scaling up the programme.


pipeline target


closed revenue to investment

“We haven't seen traction like this before with any campaign.”

Billy D’Arcy, [Former] Managing Director, Enterprise and Public Sector business at O2 UK