vs giants

You’ll get through this case study in less than three minutes.

But if that’s too much then here’s the takeaway: an always-on, integrated approach; bold challenges to the status quo, and really listening to the market delivered a leap from 5% to 26% marketing contribution to pipeline and a solid platform from which to rebrand.

Here’s a conundrum. You’ve got a great proposition which you know can stand up to the best-known names in the market, but you don’t have their budgets or their brand awareness. How do you compete?

In the case of Genpact,
you reframe the game.

Taking a long, hard look at yourself

David van Schaick, Chief Marketing Officer, takes us back to 2015 when Genpact set out to transform their marketing.

“Genpact are ambitious,” he says. “They wanted to outperform giants like IBM and Accenture. But they knew they couldn’t tackle them on their own terms. So they looked at the advantages of being a challenger brand – agility, an ability to join up channels that would be siloed in bigger firms, and a proposition that had been built around the customer from day one. What they’ve achieved since 2015 by not being afraid to think differently has been extraordinary.”

The marketing engine that never sleeps

Ashley Cooke, client marketing director, picks up the story.

“In 2015, Genpact’s EMEA marketing was traditional. They began addressing that by moving from one-off campaigns to a scalable, ‘always-on’ demand generation engine, delivering a stream of qualified opportunities across different areas of their prospect accounts. This was standardized across EMEA first, and then globally once the model was proven. By 2016, the marketing-sourced pipeline had risen from 5% to 26%.”

Digital trans-yawn-ation

So far, so good. But consistent, long-term investments in data, demand generation and digital marketing were just the foundation.

2017 was about shifting perception, from traditional outsourcer to transformation partner. And this was where they came up against the next conundrum: how do you stand out on such an over-hyped topic as digital transformation?




in pipeline

Pipeline, positioning, action!

“In 2018 we continued to build on these foundations,” says David van Schaick. “The robust demand generation engine meant Genpact could deliver a complete rebrand and launch a new business unit and twelve new products. And continue to deliver a steady stream of qualified sales opportunities.”

“What’s more,” chips in Paul Baker, Executive Creative Director, “when Genpact restructured its offering around an AI-based platform, the new brand positioning was the opportunity to show the value to its audience. We created a simple construct – ‘Genpact vs’ - that put Genpact’s name front and center, positioning them as taking on businesses’ challenges on their behalf.

Think big, go deep

To support the new brand, Genpact launched its vision of the future of business: Instinctive Enterprise. This thought-leadership platform ran the full gamut, from a high-profile sponsorship of Envision Virgin Racing to 1-2-1 ABM.

“Instinctive Enterprise gives us the perfect platform to launch a global ABM program,” reports David Perry. “It means we can give Genpact’s top customers a really compelling vision of the future.”

A never-
ending story

“That’s the Genpact story so far,” wraps up David van Schaick. “Brand to demand, built on a single-minded customer focus and a long-term approach. But this is a company that never gets complacent, so watch out for plenty more in the future.”

“The Genpact marketing team’s ethos is to challenge conventional thinking. Instinctive Enterprise is a compelling vision of the possible future for our clients. The platform we’ve built around our sponsorship of Envision Virgin Racing shows the level of ambition. The Marketing Practice share that mindset; they are a key partner for us.”

Neil Dowling
Vice President
Global Integrated Marketing at Genpact


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