Partner marketing:
grow the channel

Changing channels.

The way people buy technology is changing, and partner marketing has to adapt.

Successful partners are changing how they sell, from product to solution, from IT to business owners. Vendors and distributors that are aware of the change are winning share, by simplifying the partner experience, giving clarity and targeted support.

The wash of MDF funds and complex reporting has made the performance of channel marketing opaque. Quality can suffer – partners end up on the receiving end of vast amounts of information, confused or just switched off.

We approach channel marketing in the same way we do ABM. We believe in strategic planning, allocating spend and resources to the best opportunities, and combining that with an agile approach that puts test-learn-adapt at the heart of any program. With great content, but not great amounts of content.

How do we solve the problem?

“This is a mature and highly effective campaign that oozes long-term sustainability … a powerful competitive advantage. This process is worth billions in future sales potential.”

Award judge on one of our
Microsoft partner programs.


How do we solve the problem?

Target the right partners

We help profile, segment and prioritize partners, to understand those with the best potential and match marketing resources to the right opportunities.

Generate demand for partners

Partners won’t act when a request is theoretical. We run direct programs and land the opportunities at the partner's door. Giving them the opportunity to grow and challenging them to take advantage.

Create a premium experience

Partners will avoid friction. We work on making the solutions easier to sell and the client easier to work with, creating a ‘premium’ experience that drives preference.

Take them on a journey

A lot of lip service is given to partner education. Too much partner enablement has resulted in content overload, but without enough focus on the experience. There is a need for less stuff, more clarity, and better guidance.

Show that it matters – to you, and to them

We help establish regular communications structures that show commitment and demonstrate success.

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