TMP Academy
Training the world’s best B2B marketers

We like to dream big.

We have our sights set on raising the standards of B2B marketing. Which is why we are investing heavily in an ambitious B2B training program which we call the TMP Academy.



over 3,000

completed lessons


hours of learning

The TMP Academy covers the full scope of B2B marketing communications from strategy to execution. Modules include essential topics like segmentation and targeting; the psychology of decision-making; idea generation; attribution; and sales approaches (to name a few!).

TMP staff can access courses via an intuitive learning platform anytime, anywhere. Since we launched in May 2018, we’ve already had 145 people devour 1,135 lessons – that’s well over 1000 hours of learning. And we’ve received some pretty stellar feedback about the quality of the courses.

Longer term, our hope is that the Academy contributes to raising the standard of B2B marketing overall. We aim to provide clients access to some of the content to deepen our relationship with them. And we already know that TMPers go on to achieve some great things in the industry.

We believe marketing is a team sport. The better the common understanding, the better the strategies, briefs, solutions, the whole game. We did warn you we’ve got grand aspirations!

We are a growing company and always on the look-out for B2B marketing talent at all experience levels. If you think you might like to join us and benefit from the Academy – and more! – email us at

careers @

or visit our careers page for more info.

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