Account-based marketing templates for your campaigns

Talking to sales should be one of the first steps when initiating an account-based marketing program. And gaining their enthusiasm and commitment is vital for success.

The two things sales teams and general managers most want to know are, “What does it actually involve in practice?” and “What will it do for me?” Here are two templates we’ve used to answer these questions: an example account-based marketing communications plan and an example account-based marketing reporting dashboard.

Account-based marketing communications plan

This answers the question, “If I’m in a target account, what am I actually going to see from you?” and will help stakeholders visualize it beyond the theory.

A template for account-based marketing communications planning

Download an editable slide for use in your own account-based marketing programs.

This plan is intended for an existing major customer account where there are still significant growth opportunities. We’ve grouped it into four broad streams of activities:

  1. Overall positioning to change perceptions in the account
  2. Establishing relationships at a more senior level or in new divisions
  3. Driving advocacy to encourage retention of the core business (and create stories to take to other areas of the account)
  4. A more tactical demand generation stream to create ongoing opportunities

Account-based marketing isn’t only about doing new things; a large part of it is about deploying existing resources for the greatest effect in accounts with the largest growth potential. That’s why this plan makes the most of other existing marketing activities.

Account-based marketing reporting dashboard

Too many dashboards end up being a list of metrics rather than something particularly useful.

We’ve found it useful to have a single-page overview of progress within the account, reporting on the commercial goals (short, mid, and long term) at the heart of the program.

Here’s an example of what that can look like. Some are about tracking pipeline and deals, others about overall relationships and perceptions. On the same page we also sometimes include targets for upcoming campaigns – this is useful as part of review sessions with the account team.

An account-based marketing reporting dashboard template

Download an editable template of this dashboard to adapt to your own campaigns.

We hope you find these resources useful and would be happy to discuss in more detail how you could tailor them for your own purposes. These plans and dashboards aren’t a one-size-fits-all solution, but getting the right templates in place, tailored to your business and objectives, will be essential to laying the groundwork before you can start scaling your program.

Written by:

Paul Everett
President, International


10th May 2018


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