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Below are some of our thoughts on the most pressing challenges and opportunities in B2B marketing today. We hope you enjoy them, and we’d love to hear your thoughts.


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20 reasons to join The Marketing Practice in 2020 

We are hiring!

We’re growing! In Seattle alone, we more than doubled headcount in 2019. And with growth comes opportunity.


Think long and act quick

Sales & Marketing Forum

Insights on marketing effectiveness from our first U.S. Sales & Marketing Forum

S&M Forum event

What to expect from the Sales & Marketing Forum

December 4th 2019

The long game: what it takes to succeed in the era of marketing accountability


Nurturing your ABM baby

ANA Presentation

How do you successfully pilot, refine and scale your ABM program?


Michael Cunningham

Expert opinion series

How do you grow your channel sales globally with the help of partners? We caught up with Michael Cunningham, Marketing Director for Surface, who'll be speaking at our upcoming Sales & Marketing Forum.


ServiceNow announced as winners

2019 ITSMA Excellence Awards

B2B marketing leaders and innovators honored at ITSMA’s 2019 Marketing Vision Conference



You may want to think again.

Ray Philpott, Head of Content & Copy, asked podcast producers & networks a simple question: "Can you provide any audience stats on branded B2B podcasts?"


ServiceNow & O2 Telefónica announced as finalists

2019 ITSMA Excellence Awards

B2B marketing leaders and innovators will be honored at ITSMA’s 2019 Marketing Vision Conference


Inside Sales

Life as an Inside Sales Specalist

What qualities do you need to work in Inside Sales? What does a typical day look like? And how does the role integrate with the other specialisms across the agency?



B2B sales effectiveness expert

What are the pitfalls of the B2B buying process today and how has this changed over time? What are the pressures that B2B salespeople face? And how do you tackle a scenario where your biggest competition is the status quo?


Accountability, Integration, and ABM

Behind the scenes at a fast-growth B2B agency

B2B Marketing’s Joel Harrison and The Marketing Practice’s Matt Harper discuss current trends in B2B marketing


Account based marketing

Using martech to drive personalization at scale

We’ve created something of a “Table of Martech Elements,” outlining the tools we use in our ABM campaigns


Demand Generation

Collaboration: the key to successful campaigns

This episode of ‘two minutes with’ is a demand generation mash-up, with two experts for the price of one.


Data & Analytics

How data analytics can help in B2B marketing

Data analytics can feel like a complex area, so how do you know where to start? What are some of the potential pitfalls? And, if done well, what improvements can be made in your B2B marketing programmes?


Customer Marketing

Why customer lifecycle marketing is vital for B2B

In this short guide, we’ll show you how we think marketing teams could focus resource more effectively when it comes to customer marketing, and we’ll provide pragmatic steps to set you in the right direction.


Customer Marketing

Why B2B marketers are like babies

"If you split your acquisition-versus-customer marketing budget more proportionately in line with potential ROI, you might find that pipeline gap that’s been keeping you awake at night starts closing quicker than expected."


Client Services

Life as a Senior Account Manager

What qualities do you need to work in client services? How does the role of Senior Account Manager differ from expectations? And what's life really like at an integrated B2B marketing agency?


Premier B2B marketing agency relocates to Belltown

Press release

The Marketing Practice, an international B2B marketing agency, recently announced that its Seattle office has relocated to Belltown to accommodate an expanding team.


Client directors

Moving from client to agency work

What are the biggest challenges facing client-side marketing teams? What's the appeal of working for a marketing agency? And how does agency work differ from working for a client organisation?


Sales perspectives

What sales think about B2B marketing

Sales and marketing alignment is clearly a good thing. But are we going about it the right way? We spoke to seven leading sales directors to find out.


Behavioral economics

And what it means for B2B

The application of behavioral economics can mean more accurate insights and more satisfied customers for B2B marketers



Do you really need consent under GDPR?

Many B2B marketers are being told they need consent to carry on communicating with their prospects and clients. We spoke to GDPR expert Duncan Smith to understand the nuances.


David vs Goliath

A tale of B2B marketing triumph

This is the story of how a small tech firm took a stand against the giants of the industry – and won. It’s a great example of what ‘marketing strategy’ can mean in the Business to Business space.


B2B Data

How data sets the foundation for B2B marketing

What's the biggest data challenge facing B2B marketers? How is GDPR going to affect B2B marketing over the coming years? How do you balance automation with personalisation?


ABM materials

Templates for your campaigns

Here are two templates we’ve used on successful ABM campaigns: an example ABM communications plan and an ABM reporting dashboard.


The TMP Academy

Creating our own training academy

In our experience, most marketing training is either heavily B2C-focused, entry or mid-level, or focused on specific tactics or channels, like SEO or social media. We set out to change that.


Marketing expertise

Jon Moger speaks to the Business Marketing Club

Our CMO, David van Schaick, spoke to Aruba Networks' marketing director on behalf of the BMC.


Inside Sales

Common misconceptions about a vital team

Where can Inside Sales add most value to B2B campaigns, and how can marketers integrate internal teams to make the most of their insight?


Unique Selling Points

They're not always necessary or even desirable

The obsession with having a 'USP' has seeped into B2B marketing from traditional advertising - but it can be deeply counterproductive.


Making B2B indispensable

A story of how B2B marketing needs to raise its game

Only 8% of CFOs trust marketing’s ability to spend its budget wisely. Yet despite many ‘silver-bullet’ solutions, proving those CFOs wrong remains a challenge.


Marketing Effectiveness

Marketing communications' effectiveness is in sharp decline

B2B marketers are busy counting metrics which put short-term leads ahead of long term success, and the results that matter are suffering.


Insubstantial MQLs

Marketers are drowning in low-quality leads

Marketing qualified leads (MQLs) are losing credibility. That’s largely because they simply don’t convert into sales. So what can we do about it?


The end of 'Digital Transformation'

The phrase 'Digital Transformation' should be retired

There needs to be more effort put into translating Digital Transformation messages into stories the audience will care about.


Reactive marketing

What to do when your competitor hits a home run

Sometimes, your competitor runs a piece of marketing that is truly brilliant. Senior leaders are asking what you’re going to do in response. What do you do?



How to work with sales to improve B2B content

We sat down with Richard Maybey, content lead, to discuss B2B content strategy, tips for consistent copywriting, and how to work effectively with sales.



What does the future hold for B2B data and analytics?

We spoke to Nicola Anzarouth, Senior Data Analyst, about the future of B2B data, the consequences of upcoming GDPR, and how data should influence strategy. Watch the interview here.


The next step on social

LinkedIn is pushing beyond an advertising platform

LinkedIn offers B2B marketers much more than a channel to run online advertising – it’s an information source at the intersection of data-driven marketing and social media.


AI in B2B marketing

We’re in danger of falling for our own hype

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has the potential to transform B2B marketing. But we need to think critically to avoid wasting our budgets on empty hype.


A new challenge

What keeps you challenged and engaged?

The Marketing Practice Inc. was set up to bring a different kind of B2B marketing to the USA. We spoke to Managing Director, Matt Harper, about what makes it a special place to work.


Inbound & digital

What are the biggest challenges for B2B marketers?

We spoke to our Digital Account Director about all things digital, inbound, automated, and much more. Watch the interview here.


A call for integrity

The post-truth fallout for B2B marketing

How can marketers rebuild relationships with buyers who are increasingly cynical of B2B marketing? Frankly, the industry can't continue in its current state.


A prescription for the pain

CEB puts ease of purchase at the heart of the B2B sales process

An abundance of information doesn't always make the B2B sales process easier. New research by CEB suggests a prescriptive approach is more effective


Element Of Success

How to distinguish marketing strategy from tactics

With more digital channels than ever to distract you from your marketing strategy, it's more important than ever to get the basics right


Authentic copywriting

The Clash taught me everything I know about B2B copywriting

Our Head of Content explains why B2B marketing needs to be credible to succeed, and how writing more authentic copy is a step in the right direction


Challenger Marketing 101

The 4 principles of Challenger Marketing

The 'Challenger Sale' has been a well-known phrase since 2011. But how do you put the Challenger Sales approach into practice in B2B marketing?


Customer success marketing

How B2B organisations can make it succeed

Marc Russman, former marketing manager at IBM, explains a different approach to advocacy he developed at their Cloud Business Unit


Outlandish claims

"I take my martech providers with a pinch of salt"

Recent claims by technology vendors simplify and obscure the challenges faced by B2B marketers. It's not just misleading, it's counterproductive


Getting CX right

Why fine-tuning your proposition is the key to being customer-centric

Customer experience is one of the hottest topics in B2B marketing. But however beautiful your web journey is, it still needs to point in the right direction


Festival of Marketing 2016

Customer experience and the rise of cognitive

TMP's Chief Marketing Officer shares his insights from the Festival of Marketing 2016, especially around the future of AI in B2B marketing programmes