HP Enterprise Services: Selling Large, Transformative Deals To A Disrupted Market

HPES had a double-edged vision.
To help established retail banks innovate and help challenger banks scale at pace. We got their foot in the door with both.

A double opportunity

HPES saw major disruption happening in UK retail banking. Larger banks weren’t embracing innovation – and new ‘challenger’ banks were tempting customers away with digital and mobile services. The former needed advice and guidance to change, the latter needed support to scale up their operations.

Alongside this, an integrated campaign ‘engine’ was developed for demand generation. This was based on a 12-month integrated communications plan into which accounts were placed after an ongoing selection process.


Pipeline target

10 opportunities from



Tailoring the message

Retail banking was a new target market for HPES. To get a foot in the door of the C-suite would require a bold, confident, targeted approach. Inspired by Challenger Sale thinking, we focused on how digital banking would impact the revenues of each account (based on research from PwC, Accenture and McKinsey).

All bases covered

We sent them a provocative, personalised DM with a big figure showing their potential losses or gains. This was followed by calling, email nurturing and social selling to generate meetings, supported by social listening to evolve the campaign messages over time.

The key HPES stakeholder posted updates on Twitter and LinkedIn to raise his profile as a digital banking expert. A roundtable dinner was also held for high-value accounts to discuss fintech developments and position HPES as a knowledgeable consultant.

Risk and reward

For the big banks, we calculated how much revenue was at risk if they failed to innovate. For the challengers, we showed how much was up for grabs if they had the capacity to take advantage.

“The Digital Banking campaign generated huge opportunities for HPES. It got our foot in the door for key accounts, and massively over-delivered on its targets.”

Charlotte Essex, Strategic Programme Manager