We believe there’s a better way to do B2B marketing.

Our model, built on long-term partnerships and agile teams, is designed to deliver lasting success.

The story so far.

It was exciting at first, when everything went digital. All the new channels. More targeted campaigns. Easy-to-measure results. The possibilities felt endless.

To cope with all these new channels, we marketers did what seemed like the sensible thing to do. We created teams for each discipline. Each team happily grinds away at their set discipline, delivering more leads or blogs or whatever it is they’re focused on.

But there’s a snag. More of everything makes us less effective overall. Teams talk past each other. Audience insights don’t filter through the business. Complexity increases.

Pulling everything back together.

Our ambition is to create growth. Not MQLs or leads or conversions. We judge success on our ability to create revenue today and sustained growth in the long term. This is what matters. To do that, we need to break down the silos. To get all the skills working towards a shared goal. To deliver genuinely integrated marketing.

That’s why our approach combines marketing strategy with agile execution.

We call it, “the long and the quick.”

The long: a partnership mindset.

We believe marketing is most effective when it adopts a long-term mentality. The evidence supports this, and our clients agree. It’s why they team up with us to create sales today and growth over the long term.

The quick: agile marketing in action.

We have all our services working together, under one roof. Our inside sales team speak to the target audience every day. Our data and analytics experts make the insight actionable. Our creative and digital teams feed on this insight.

All these skillsets work towards a common objective: sustainable growth.

Lasting success.

This combination of long-term partnerships and agile teams means we can deliver great results, year in, year out. More pipeline and revenue, yes. But also improvements in things like consideration, preference, and win-rate, which demonstrate the power of a long-term approach.


Meet the board

Clive McNamara

Founder & Mission Holder

I’m fanatical about B2B marketing – that’s why I founded TMP to make marketing indispensable through the delivery of great commercial outcomes. I make that goal a reality every day at TMP by working with our teams to ensure all our clients’ marketing has that single-minded aim at heart.

David Van Schaick

Chief Marketing Officer & Chief Digital Officer

I’m a B2B marketing strategist with a focus on innovation and using digital to improve marketing outcomes. I relish the challenge of designing, transforming, and refining go-to-market programs for technology and professional services brands. I also have a place on the exec council of the Business Marketing Club (BMC).

Melanie Cannings

CFO & Director of Shared Services

As CFO, I facilitate TMP’s global commercial growth and oversee the group’s Finance team. As Director of Shared Services, I’m also responsible for the day-to-day planning, implementation and management of our Shared Services department.

Anna Hutton

Director, PR & Communications

Having previously run the Client Services team for a global PR company, I’m now using that know-how to seamlessly integrate our clients’ PR campaigns with their marketing strategies, so that they can build brilliant, revenue-generating reputations.

Paul Everett

President, International

I’ve been with TMP since we were a team of five and I love the fact that our values haven’t changed since then. I spearhead ambitious new programs and am always looking for ways to help our clients do things differently.

Matt Harper

EVP & Managing Director, US

I run The Marketing Practice in the US, based primarily in Seattle. My main role is overseeing the relationships and marketing strategy of our global clients that are headquartered in the US.

Allyson Bancroft

Director of Client Strategy and Delivery

My job is to find those golden nuggets of insight that are at the heart of every brilliant marketing campaign, and then help our clients turns those insights into action. With experience in both the client and agency sides, I oversee a team dedicated to building strategies that generate results for our clients.

Brian Caulfield

Director, Demand Generation

Years of experience at agency and client side have shown me that the best campaigns test, learn, and adapt – fast. As head of the Demand Generation team, I’m passionate about using agile marketing principles to drive our clients’ ROI.

David Kershaw

Director, Data, Analytics & Business Operations

Each campaign at TMP is built on and sustained by data insight and detailed analytics. As Director of Data, Analytics & Business Operations, I advise on long- and short-term strategy, from data quality to the latest martech systems.

Anna Hewitt

Chief People Officer

I’ve created a people strategy for TMP that puts talent development and retention at its core. Before joining TMP, I was Head of People at a channel marketing agency, bChannels, for 8 years. I now use my experience of managing international people growth in complex B2B marketing environments to run TMP’s HR team.

Harmony Crawford

VP, Operations

I am inspired each day by our commitment to our clients and our thoughtful growth. Bringing a data-driven mindset with a passion for team building will be foundational as we continue to expand our operations, and I am honored to be leading the US team into the next phase of our growth.


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