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We believe B2B marketing has a long way to go to become commercially indispensable to businesses. The Marketing Practice exists to help marketing cement its place at the top table.


Our vision was of an agency that took responsibility for driving commercial outcomes for clients.

TMP was created to deliver integrated end-to-end marketing services.



Same vision, different channels.

Now, TMP integrates the latest marketing technologies with years of demand generation experience to deliver those same commercial outcomes, on a far bigger scale. And remains a privately-owned company.

GlobalIntegrated marketing that delivers commercial impact

Created in local hubs that bring us closer to our clients.







London & Oxford





The Marketing PracticeBoard

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Clive McNamara

Clive McNamara

Founder and Chairman

Fanatical about B2B marketing, Clive founded TMP with the goal of making marketing indispensable through the delivery of great commercial outcomes. He makes that goal a reality each day at TMP by helping our teams ensure all our clients’ marketing has that single minded goal at heart.

David Van Schaick

David Van Schaick

CMO & Chief Digital Officer

David’s a B2B marketing strategist with a focus on innovation and how digital can improve marketing outcomes. He’s also on the exec council of the Business Marketing Club (BMC). His effectiveness has led to comparisons with Yaya Toure.

Melanie Nettleship

Melanie Nettleship

CFO & Head of Shared Services

With TMP expanding into several new countries, Mel facilitates the commercial growth across each area. She’s also responsible for the day-to-day planning, implementation and management of all shared services, including Finance and HR.

Anna Hutton

Anna Hutton

VP Client Services

Anna’s previous experience saw her running Client Services for a global PR company. She oversees the delivery of brilliant marketing and brilliant service to our clients.

Paul Everett

Paul Everett

President, International

Paul’s been with TMP since we were a team of five and loves the fact that our values haven’t changed since then. He spearheads ambitious new programmes and is always looking for ways to help our clients do things differently. He’s also on the exec council of the Business Marketing Collective (BMC).

Andreas Bernhard

Andreas Bernhard

Managing Director, Germany

Andreas has experience of running global marketing programmes client-side for Capgemini. As a former client of TMP, he knows our model well and is now responsible for ensuring it’s delivered successfully for our clients in Germany.

Matt Harper

Matt Harper

Managing Director, US

Matt runs The Marketing Practice in the US, based primarily in Seattle. He oversees the relationships and marketing strategy of our global clients headquartered in the US.

Paul Baker

Paul Baker

Executive Creative Director

Paul has masterminded some of the greatest campaigns in B2B marketing. He’s focused on creating campaigns that engage business decision-makers emotionally with stand-out, commercially-astute creative.

Allyson Bancroft

Allyson Bancroft

Planning Director

Ally finds those golden nuggets of insight that are at the heart of every brilliant marketing campaign. With experience both client and agency side, she runs a team of planners who interrogate the problem, the challenge, and the brief.

Tracy James

Tracy James

Head of People & Environment

Tracy is the heart of TMP. She and her team are focused on making sure our environment helps every TMPer feel inspired to do brilliant marketing. She aims to keep job satisfaction high across the agency, whilst also recruiting future candidates who will fit right in.

Lucy Simpson

Lucy Simpson

Head of Inside Sales

When it comes to demand generation, there’s little Lucy doesn’t know. She leads our team of callers to deliver on the objectives and metrics required to make programmes successful.

David Kershaw

David Kershaw

Head of Data

Each campaign at TMP is built on and sustained by data insight. As Head of Data, David advises on long and short term strategy. From data quality to the latest martech systems.

The Marketing PracticeCommunity

Our community is made up of staff, clients, suppliers, landlords, partners, Twitter followers, and much more. The thing they all have in common is a positive, collaborative outlook.


The TMP Foundation supports local charities closest to the hearts of our people. It’s raised over £50,000 over the last four years.

Marketing leadership

Our Sales & Marketing Forum brings together senior B2B professionals to discuss the latest topics and challenges in our market.


TMP has a strong social culture. It’s not about work hard/play hard. It’s about working with people you can talk to. Feeling respected, valued and cared for.


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