Our rebrand of O2 Business changed perceptions and helped deliver £42m in pipeline

You’ll get through this case study in less than three minutes.

But if that’s too long, here’s the takeaway: a new look, message and narrative put the telco giant on top as the UK’s most trusted ICT supplier. How did we do it? By not talking about business at all.

The IT market is drowning in a sea of buzzwords and paint-by-numbers imagery and language. None of it connects and everyone sounds the same. So, it was time to start talking to B2B buyers differently – as people.

You can be too well known

“On top of the wider market challenge of standing out, we also had to change the perception that O2 Business is just a mobile provider,” says Senior Account Manager Cara Battle. “Its powerful consumer brand can swamp its credentials as a business solutions partner, which ironically gave us our way into solving the problem.”

History can shape your future

O2’s consumer arm has over 35 million customers and more than 30 years’ experience in meeting their demands and wishes. So it’s obvious they understand people. We were able to transfer that thought over to its business customers – positioning O2 Business as an ICT partner that answered the wants and needs of people in their daily jobs.

We Get People
was born

Commissioned photography focuses on what people need from an ICT supplier, while copy tells their stories, in and out of work.




conversion rate from awareness to consideration

Speak to people as humans

It’s a brand that works in two ways: that O2 Business understands people and delivers  what they want. It allowed us to speak to people as CIOs, business owners and construction experts. But also as mums, volunteers and carers.

It’s O2 Business’ first-ever B2B brand campaign and launched with a video, press advertising, digital marketing, out-of-home advertising, social media, partnerships and live events.

And in another first for O2 Business it appeared across London Underground digital billboards, plus poster sites at mainline railway stations and high streets. 

Reflect life as it really is

Its success wasn’t just built on stand-out creative, but also uncovering insights and developing messaging that was personalised to different verticals and propositions.

 “This allowed the creative team to work up what we call ‘moments’”, says Planner Eloise Silkstone. “They’re the stories and everyday truisms around our lives at work and home that we can all recognise.”

Our O2 Business moments

We get people
have businesses and baths to run.

There are some things you can’t miss. That first step. That first word. That’s why we set you up with the right digital apps and devices so you can work from anywhere, including home.

We get people
an extra two
hours a day.

Sometimes it’s more than a job. It’s a desire to serve. That’s why we provide police officers with secure access to information and systems, so they can spend more time on the beat.

We get people
want zero risk with full confidence.

Shopping centres, sports stadiums, railway stations. Public spaces require careful management to keep them running smoothly and safely. Smart Compliance makes it that bit simpler, letting you know that fire extinguishers are working, bins are emptied, security checks are complete and much more.

Branding delivers business


in the pipeline from the initial four-month period


conversion rate from awareness to consideration


place for brand perception (previously seventh)

O2 Business now seen as the

most trusted supplier


of people who saw the campaign took an action as a result

Three little words that are relevant to every business

“Everyone was on the same page from day one,” adds Head of Copy & Content Ray Philpott. “We collaborated closely with O2 Business’ sales and marketing teams to align the idea to the bottom line. The beauty of We get people is that those three words encompass our entire message and are relevant to every business.”

“[This is] the best B2B ad I have seen in ages. Well done to the business marketing team.”

Nina Bibby
Chief Marketing Officer, O2 UK


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