Where others zigged, we zagged: stand out demgen for Citrix

You’ll get through this case study in less than three minutes.

But if that’s too much, here’s the takeaway: competitor analysis, use of ‘before and after state’ messaging, and tight integration with sales led to an SD-WAN demand generation programme that smashed its targets by 150%.

The SD-WAN market is hugely competitive and crowded with vendors shouting about their offerings’ technical benefits. To stand out takes laser-focused, cut-through messaging, based on rigorous market research

From insight to strategy

Comprehensive competitor analysis revealed that none of Citrix’s competition were addressing the business benefits of their solution in their marketing comms. SD-WAN vendors were instead relying on generic technical arguments to sell their proposition. So where others zigged, we decided to zag with our outbound campaign messaging

Closing ranks with sales

The restrictions imposed by Germany’s double-opt-in email regulations made an integrated direct mail and outbound calling campaign the tool of choice. The Citrix sales team were closely involved in the account selection process, nominating suitable target accounts to be reviewed against key criteria.




target achievement

A two-pronged approach

The campaign was run in two waves. The first showcased Citrix’s capabilities in complex environments, demonstrated through their standout work with the Danish Fisheries Agency, which successfully deploys SD-WAN on 20 ships in the North Sea. The second wave took a challenger approach, comparing prospects’ current states to expected benefits from Citrix’s solution.

“Both direct mails were well received and provided an excellent basis for the subsequent calling."”

Mathias Büttner
Director Marketing

A convincing calculation

For the ‘challenger’ second wave, we demonstrated the number of working hours an employer could save by using Citrix SD-WAN, and the resulting increase in employee productivity. The figure was personalised for each account, based on their industry, number of employees and known downtime.

Targets? Smashed

The demand generation campaign for Citrix generated €18m pipeline – the ambition was €12m. The second wave performed so well that the CIO of a large automotive supplier proactively sought a meeting with Citrix. The topic? SD-WAN.

Building on success

Due to the success of the initial campaign, the approach has been extended to the French market and become the starting point for further initiatives in the UK.

Demand generation for Citrix

The campaign generated a total of




target achievement

"It was very important to us that the sales department was on board from day one. In that way, everyone could agree on the way forward and where necessary, specific adjustments could be made."
Andreas Bernhard, Managing Director, TMP Germany.

"This integrated demand generation campaign has been considered a great success across the board and has given TMP plenty of advocates within Citrix across the EMEA region."

Mathias Büttner
Director Marketing


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