Targeting-as-a-Service identifies who your in-market, priority accounts are; and helps you campaign to them using accurate, verified contact details.

A comprehensive B2B database
plus real-time targeting

The Targeting-as-a-Service (TaaS) package offers a global database of verified accounts, built for B2B marketing, with wraparound services that give a dynamic view of your in-market prospects. So you know who to target when, and with which message.

Find your most valuable prospects

Which prospect accounts will make the best customers? The answer often lies in siloed databases and spreadsheets. Our analysts are adept at unearthing and analysing your customer information, then using the attributes of your ideal clients, including their technology stack, to build a new database of lookalike accounts.

Accelerate your pipeline

TaaS uses intent data, industry news and propensity modelling to zero in on who’s in the market right now for your proposition. In-market accounts are regularly refreshed via a PowerBI dashboard or directly into your CRM. These insights can be used to make communications super-relevant, and to inform the target market strategy in real time.

Reach the right contacts
without wasting resource

TaaS was purpose-built for B2B marketing programmes. It combines both account and contact data with global coverage, including GDPR compliant opt-in options in Europe.

Supported by B2B specialist
data analysts

Our data analysts know the B2B data market in depth. They make sure you make the most of your existing data investments and know the best sources to enrich your existing campaign databases to improve coverage and accuracy.

Leads that are up to 5x more
likely to convert

A recent trial showed that using a TaaS approach, leads were 2.5x more likely to move to sales qualified and 5x more likely to turn into closed revenue.

Get started with TaaS

By blending technology, AI and B2B data expertise, Targeting-as-a-Service can shorten your sales cycle, increase deal size and boost pipeline. Get in touch to find out more.

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