For years, B2B sales and marketing teams have clashed over poor-quality leads, bad data and a lack of real, genuine insights into accounts. Despite improvements in marketing technology, these issues are yet to go away.

Until now

Argus is the demand orchestration and account-intelligence tool for B2B sales and marketing that works with your existing investments to deliver deeper insights into both your target accounts and your campaign performance.

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Data orchestration

The Targeting-as-a-Service (TaaS) package offers a global database of verified accounts, built for B2B marketing, with wraparound services that give a dynamic view of your in-market prospects. So you know who to target when, and with which message.

Data validation and enrichment

Match, validate and enrich data as the basis for stronger insights about your market and performance - including a synthesised intent score per account.

Detailed account engagement insights

Combine account engagement data from multiple sources to give a single view of the impact you are having on your priority accounts.

Track and improve performance

We believe the strongest growth comes when brand and demand work in harmony, building sales today and a stronger sales platform for tomorrow.

Orchestrate Demand

Gain a singular view of account and campaign performance and eliminate mixed signals from your existing martech investments.

Account prioritisation

Identify who your priority accounts are with deeper account insights and stronger intent signals. Move from MQLs to ‘Marketing Qualified Accounts’

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