The long and the short
of B2B marketing

The Marketing Practice, in partnership with Marketing Week, investigates why certain B2B marketers outperform the competition

Exclusive research report

We asked 600 B2B marketers about topics such as campaign effectiveness, sales and marketing integration, budget allocation and measurement. The results highlighted key traits that outstanding marketers are twice as likely to exhibit than their less successful counterparts.


B2B marketing leaders – video series

From July 2019 we’ll be releasing five videos produced by Marketing Week, featuring stellar B2B marketers working for global technology companies. The interviews shine a light on brands that are driving growth through marketing-led innovation and a long-term approach. The videos also take an in-depth look at the skills and experience that will be required of B2B marketers in the future.

Episode 1:

Neil Dowling
Vice President, Global Integrated Marketing, Genpact

Episode 2:

Michael Cunningham
Director of Surface Marketing, Microsoft

Episode 3:

Gemma Davies
Director, Global ABM Strategy, ServiceNow

Episode 4:

Zoe Hominick
Head of Business Marketing at O2

Episode 5:

Rachel Lockwood
Marketing Director, SAS UK & Irelenad

Read the report to find out what those traits are, and to read compelling evidence for taking a long-term marketing strategy supported by an operating model based on short feedback loops.


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