Quickstart Analytics

Imagine having all the practical benefits of data analytics, without having to wait until you’ve untangled your messy data. QuickStart Analytics can make it happen.

Get clarity

  • Identify which accounts are most likely to convert into sales.
  • Find out where to invest more marketing resources, and where to pull back.
  • Understand what’s driving success… then do more of it.

The stumbling blocks

Every organisation has the data available to start taking a smarter approach. For example, most organisations have some idea of their market size. But they struggle to build meaningful data beyond that (let alone use it for campaigns), due to the complexity of the project or lack of budget, expertise, or time. Often, the data has become so messy that the cost of cleaning it up seems prohibitive.

It can also be difficult to prove the value of data management and analytics to internal stakeholders, so it gets swept under the rug indefinitely.

Demystify your decisions

But that doesn’t have to be the case. Imagine how much easier and more effective marketing would be if you took out the guesswork. If you were confident in your market segmentation. If you could de-risk major decisions. If you had a proven foundation to the marketing strategy which you could share with other stakeholders. And you could start seeing results within weeks, not the distant future.

That’s where QuickStart Analytics comes in.

QuickStart Analytics

The Marketing Practice maintains a highly-accurate marketing database which we can use to augment your existing data – it’s a clean reference point, so you can cut out the hassle and get straight to the insights. From details about your audience’s industry sub-sector, tech stack and sales history, to demographics and intent to buy: this information can be right at your fingertips, ready to start immediately.

Strengthen your campaigns

TWe’re talking about a comprehensive, detailed database – the key ingredient for any marketing technology to work from. Data analytics experts at The Marketing Practice can work with your existing stack or recommend new technologies to help you spot trends and patterns, make them actionable, and get them applied to your campaigns – from marketing automation to intent data.

What that means in practice

The majority of B2B marketing focuses on talking to each vertical about generic challenges faced by the sector. However QuickStart Analytics is designed to cut through that noise.

You can identify which accounts are most likely to convert into sales. Use that insight to invest marketing resources more strategically, and scale back your investment where it’s unlikely to be effective. You can then use intent data to sub-segment these companies and approach them with a hyper-targeted message. And once you’ve tested what works, you can optimise your wider marketing with the insight.

For more information or to discuss QuickStart Analytics in more detail, please email Richard Costeloe rcosteloe@themarketingpractice.com.


14 April 2019


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