5 reasons why switching from client to agency-side has been the ideal career move

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As a marketer who has always been ‘client-side’, I’ve always found something very appealing about the agency world. The fun culture and lifestyle, working with world-class talent, and the sheer breadth of client demands makes every day different and a valuable learning experience.

Having led large and small-scale marketing operations, it was the right time to take the plunge. When The Marketing Practice (TMP) opened its first Australian office a year ago to grow its global footprint into APAC, and three months ago five key factors convinced me this was where I needed to be.

1.    The opportunity to contribute to building a high-growth business.

As part of a small, agile team, I was excited by the prospect of working in a start-up environment, but with the backing of a global organisation. I also find it exciting to scale a business that delivers for clients without compromising on employee wellbeing and culture. By recognising each person’s expertise and contribution, and establishing a strong ethos around collaboration, we are building a culture where people are ‘seen’ for their skills and expertise, rather than simply ‘resources’.

2.    The chance to build the kind of agency that frankly, I wish I’d had client-side.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve worked with some great agencies and talented freelancers. However, TMP is next level. With a focus on pure B2B and genuine ABM experts, TMP offers a full spectrum of integrated services, a cutting-edge approach to ABM and innovation around B2B marketing execution. It is beyond exciting to be able to bring this kind of global talent to Australia and set a new precedent for B2B in APAC. From strategy, creative, data & analytics, digital, social, inside sales teams and more – there is a great breadth to provide the ‘right’ solution and genuine value to clients.

 3.    The opportunity to really hone my craft as a B2B marketer.

Working client-side, doesn’t always feel like you’re ahead of the curve or that you are being exposed to continuous innovations that combines results with cool execution. To stay at the top of their game, marketers need to be willing to learn, adapt and evolve – and I can think of no better place to develop these skills than at an agency with a diverse client portfolio.

 4.    The opportunity to work with global tech brands such as Adobe, Verizon, ServiceNow, Microsoft, AWS, and Workday.

Even client-side marketers consider themselves lucky to land a role with just one of these high-profile names, but at an agency like TMP, you can work with several. Not only is there the opportunity to build relationships with key decision-makers, but a chance to partner with some of the best in tech.

 5.    Working with a team of experts.

The team at TMP are unique. Every team member focuses on their areas of expertise but also there’s a great humility to pitch in where necessary to ensure the business humming. We have worked hard to build a culture where every person has a respected voice and the chance to develop and grow.

So has the transition from client to agency-side been worth it? Absolutely! I feel I am building something special with an incredibly gifted group of people. TMP’s focus on long-term strategic ABM means we get real, in-depth knowledge of our clients – working with them on long term programmes, instead of one-week jobs. I believe the exponential growth we have achieved so far shows that our approach has inspired a real optimism and positive momentum in the team and is what the market really needs.

If you are interested in working at TMP it would be great to hear from you – drop me a direct message or take a look at our current vacancies here:


Written by:

Glenn Cooksley
Director - Client & Operations


30th March 2022


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