Copy of Selling Sage Pay to SMB’s

Everyone knows Sage provide accountancy software.
Not everyone knows they offer payment solutions.
Sage Pay are using real customer stories to change all that.

Sage Pay wanted to generate new leads with small and growing businesses

To start with we conducted detailed audience research. This uncovered two marketing challenges standing between Sage Pay and their commercial targets:

  1. Raising awareness of the fact that Sage offer payment solutions

  2. Showing that Sage Pay can make a real difference to the things SMB owners care about

“SMB owners don’t start their journey by searching for us. They start by searching for ways to grow their business, to make more money, to work smarter. And that’s what we need to talk to them about. Solutions not products.”

Joe Edwards, Director of Global Campaign Development

Your customers are your best salespeople

The concept we developed was built around customer advocacy. We interviewed and photographed small business owners, creating personal stories that explain why they are “sold on Sage Pay”.

Drawing attention to the commercial benefits of Sage Pay

This concept is also about the products that are, quite literally, sold on Sage Pay – highlighting how Sage’s payment solutions support SMB growth.

The feeling prospects are left with is that whilst others might talk about championing small businesses, Sage really do it.

Creating authentic customer stories

We interviewed and photographed Sage Pay customers in their working environments, with a focus on keeping the copy and visuals true to that individual business.

The customer stories were promoted on social and digital channels. We also created gated assets to enable data capture and nurture assets to encourage prospects to progress down the funnel. This multichannel content was all designed to support an integrated customer journey.