More than just a printer: proving Xerox’s digital capabilities

When is being famous for printers a problem?
When you’re talking to digital leaders.

Xerox has a proud heritage

They’ve been working in document management for over a century and invented many of the office items we now take for granted.

But they also have an important role to play in the digital age.

Xerox came to us with a challenge: how can they demonstrate their relevance to digital leaders while paving the way to more managed print service contracts?

Finding a message that resonates with CTOs

Our campaign needed to appeal to digital leaders within financial service organisations. We knew that they were used to working with the likes of Accenture and PwC on digital transformation programmes. We also knew that they were likely to have spent a good deal of time, money, and effort on those programmes already.

In short, they thought they had it all covered. That’s the insight we used to inform the campaign.

Bringing the message to life

Xerox’s customers received a paintbrush in a box which was hand-painted, apart from an irritating corner that had been missed.
Alongside the brush, we posed the question: have you missed a bit? The copy went on to explain that, although many digital leaders believe they have digital transformation covered, there’s an important part that’s regularly overlooked: document analytics.

Demonstrating what Xerox bring to the table

The direct mail pointed out that Xerox is uniquely well positioned to deliver document analytics. They have an in-depth understanding of print data. They have the digital solutions to analyse why people print. And they have the consultancy know-how to change behaviour and prove the business impact it has.

Opening up conversations about managed print services

The direct mail piece was supported by social activity, emails and Inside Sales calling. It was also adapted to work for professional service organisations and legal firms.




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