Copy of Microsoft Lumia Trial

Microsoft was looking to grab the falling BlackBerry crown.
Yet few businesses were considering Lumia as an option.
Until they tried it.

A moment of opportunity in the mobile market

Prompted by a collapse in Blackberry sales, Microsoft wanted its range of Lumia smartphones to become the new first choice for business users. However, at the beginning of 2014, few people were even considering Lumia – and its market share was well short of Apple and Samsung.

Lumia’s share of the business market

increased from:




The barrier to growth? Consideration

We knew the Lumia proposition was strong. Independent research showed that when people used Lumia for work, 8 out of 10 of them would recommend it to others. However, there was a clear gap in the perception of Lumia as a viable choice for business. The Lumia Business Transformation Program was designed to close this gap and encourage more people to give Lumia a go.

An integrated program

This was a comprehensive marketing initiative driven by one simple insight: that while few decision-makers were actively considering Lumia, once they tried Lumia, they tended to love it.

The umbrella program comprised a series of sub-campaigns, including:

#OfficeLove: a multichannel brand campaign based on the provocative creative claim that “8 out of 10 relationships start in the office”. The result? A 21% increase in consideration for Lumia.

Accelerate: a lead-generation initiative that built upon the #LumiaBizTrial VIP trial offer to achieve 185% of its pipeline target.

Sales enablement: a complete library of materials to help sales team and channel partners convert the opportunities of the program into sales.