The TMP AcademyWhy we are creating our own B2B training curriculum

Two weeks ago, we launched the TMP Academy: A training program covering the full gamut of B2B marketing communications from strategy to execution.   We are creating all the content ourselves—six modules initially which mix video, templates, tests and interactive learning all delivered via a super-user-friendly LMS (Bridge by Instructure if anyone’s interested). The program will be accessible to all TMP staff (in time it will likely also be made accessible to clients but, as you will see, that is not our primary motivator).   Whenever I tell someone about the Academy, they are curious about our motivations for creating something so ambitious in scope.   The rationale goes as follows:


  • Our vision is to be the premier B2B marketing services agency; that means a focus on quality and on being marketing-led
  • To deliver on the vision, logically, we need to recruit, train and retain premier B2B marketers
  • Most of the training we find is either heavily B2C-focused, entry or mid-level, or focused on specific tactics or channels, like SEO or social media and can be expensive
  • When it comes to B2B marketing, the best training we’ve done is our own


The solution then is simple in conception: Build our own B2B marketing academy.   But our goals are grand. We hope the Academy contributes to raising the standard of B2B marketing overall. Marketing is a team sport; the more solid the common understanding, the better the strategies, briefs, solutions, the whole game.   The project will run the course of 2018 with modules being released roughly every month. We will start with strategy and planning before moving on to communications theory, creativity, sales techniques; approaches like ABM and pursuit marketing; and tactics, channels and technologies like marketing automation, data integration, and media planning.
My intention is to blog about it as we go, particularly to share some of the feedback we get from learners along the way.

If you want to know more about the TMP Academy, feel free to ask me any questions via LinkedIn, or stay tuned for further updates.  

By David van Schaick | May 10, 2018

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