Smarketingthe rise of the sales and marketing hybrid

Matt Harper, Head of Content at The Marketing Practice, discusses the changing relationship between Sales and Marketing and why those who can merge the two fields bring the most success to their B2B organization.   B2B Marketing has experienced the same formative changes affecting every industry. Once again, it’s down to digital.   This word has distracted marketers. It’s divided Sales and Marketing even further. The world of content marketing and infographics is remote for the salesperson consumed by customers, pipeline and bids. But, marketing profs have reported that “Companies with aligned sales and marketing generated 208% more revenue from marketing.”   This gulf has given rise to a new breed of Sales and Marketing hybrid. A smarketer.     The smarketer The smarketer understands the salesperson. In fact, they’re more than likely a former salesperson themselves (the one that led social and had lots of bright ideas for that event stand). Not only do they deliver more revenue opportunities by understanding effective demand generation, but they deliver the right ones because they can identify a good opportunity. They understand marketing too. They know it’s not just about hitting the phones and sending emails. Integrated marketing isn’t a pipe dream for the smarketer, it’s just good selling – communicating with customers on their terms. McKinsey have said that “90% of companies who embrace a new approach to marketing, sales and pricing are delivering above-market growth and sustaining it over time.” The smarketer creates a bridge between insight and feedback from sales and input and support from marketing. They keep everyone happy. And, they’re responsible – for sales and marketing integration, for pipeline and even for revenue.Smarketers are on the rise. They’re bringing with them a host new approaches, demands and agencies. But, most importantly, they’re bringing an improved approach to delivering effective reputation and revenue for B2B organizations.   For more information about why sales and marketing integration is crucial for modern marketing, read our charter here.  

By Matt Harper | January 14, 2016

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