Copy of Capgemini’s Thought Leadership

How can Capgemini build new pipeline with CFOs and FDs?
Less chit-chat about cost-cutting.
More intelligent debate about business building.

Combining thought leadership with demand generation in one program

Social, blogs, and content tactics were blended to establish the Capgemini BPO CEO and key members of their leadership team as knowledgeable partners, with innovative ideas and a deep understanding of the domain.

Alongside this, an integrated campaign ‘engine’ was developed for demand generation. This was based on a 12-month integrated communications plan into which accounts were placed after an ongoing selection process.

Program delivered:


of targets

and a sales pipeline of:


program investment

Comparisons with the competition up the urgency

A ‘Challenger’ (CEB) methodology was used to develop a direct marketing program that benchmarked each business against their competitors, using KPI data taken from their annual reports. This immediately established credibility and showed the specific areas in which Capgemini could create value. It also provided a strong agenda for an initial meeting.

Social selling pays dividend

The Inside Sales team was armed with the insight from the content program and used a combination of email, telephone and social selling techniques to nurture contacts. In this case, over 40% of the leads were influenced by social selling practices.

Listen, learn, adjust

We took regular input from the Capgemini leadership team to complement insights from our campaign data and conversations with decision-makers. This closed-loop approach enabled us to adjust and improve our communications based on market feedback.

As a result, each step in the customer journey reinforced the impression that Capgemini consultants had insight of real value to the audience.

“The Business Services Demand Generation program has been an eye-opener for us. We’ve managed our target pool in an exceptionally efficient way, and we’ve been consistently successful at driving results from social selling. The highly personalized, multi-touch comms plan has demonstrated unprecedented results at engaging C-level contracts in hard-to-reach industries.”

Ron Sherman, Global Head of Demand Generation