A heart of purpleThe TMP Foundation is the charitable arm of the marketing practice

We raise money for local charities – the causes closest to our hearts

“The TMP Foundation epitomises for me what The Marketing Practice does. It uses the creativity, ingenuity and passion of our people to support others. Except in this case, it’s our community, not just our clients.”

Clive McNamara, Founder


1 Day. 8 Wishes.Winston's Wishlist

16 September 2016


WINSTONS WISHLIST: helping children rebuild their lives

Winston’s Wish supports young people as they go through one of the hardest periods of their lives when they’ve lost a loved one.


They’ve given The Marketing Practice eight wishes of their own, from finding them a corporate partner to marketing one of their biggest national initiatives.


In September 2016, we hope to help them transform how they fundraise and support more children in the future.

A mission to cycle175 miles in one day

10 July 2015

supporting the Footsteps Centre

The Footsteps mission is to “Help children with the determination and the dream to move like their friends, but who lack the physical ability to do so.”


Based in Wallingford, Oxfordshire, they offer an innovative, intense form of physiotherapy that children with disabilities can’t access anywhere else in the UK.


Every penny raised for them goes to supporting families that ordinarily wouldn’t be able to afford for their kids to go through the treatment. Which is why we put together Chains for Change: a mission to cycle 175 miles in a day to raise money.





Footsteps Foundation

Chains for change result

“From the £50 it costs to buy one footstep – an hour of physiotherapy – to the £9,000 it takes to fund a child for a year, we’re delighted to have been able to make a difference.”

Matt Harper


Parkinson's UK24-Hour Table football marathon


19-20 November 2014

Our table football marathon:
supporting Parkinson’s UK

One in every 500 people in the UK has Parkinson’s. We were inspired by the story of some of those fighting to find a cure. To “Stop the PD clock”. And we were particularly inspired by a video from the South London Younger Parkinson’s Network (SLYPN).


On 19-20 November 2014, we held a 24-hour table football marathon to raise money for the cause. But it didn’t stop there. We held a big launch event, with the support of special guests The Cheeky Girls. The whole thing raised over £10,000 for Parkinson’s UK and the SLYPN.



Parkinsons UK

Parkinsons UK result

“The whole company took to the streets of London in a race to the finish, playing table football every step of the way.”

Clive McNamara

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